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2020 Global Identity
and Fraud Report
95% of businesses say they can identify customers digitally, yet
more than half of consumers don’t feel recognised online.
Customer identity and re-recognition are the driving forces that will
safeguard and improve the quality of your customer relationships.

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Experian is a leading global information services company, providing data and analytical tools to our clients around the world.

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New markets targeted. Response rates improved. Revenue increased. Those are the results we at Experian, as the industry leader, help you achieve with our solutions and services.

We use data science, analytics and technology to help you understand data and make fast, efficient decisions
We ensure that data fits your purpose by keeping it current, clean and accurate
We use predictive consumer insights and sophisticated segmentation to help you reach your ideal customer audiences
Latest articles
By Experian 29/06/2020
With the devastating economic impact of COVID-19 seen in the early stages of the pandemic, customer profiles are drastically changing and lenders will face an influx of new customers who did not need credit earlier.
By Experian 28/05/2020
Shifting behaviors to comply with government orders to social distance and stay at home has pushed most consumers globally to purchase online the essential items and services that they would normally buy in person. This sudden, massive shift has led businesses to prioritise the safety of their employees, customers from…
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