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Leveraging digital ecosystems to help financial inclusion at scale​

A significant proportion of the Asia Pacific region is underbanked, having little to no access to traditional financial ecosystems. This often perpetuates a cycle of poverty that strips opportunity and upward mobility from millions.

The vision behind Experian Atlas is to harness the power of consumer digital ecosystems by combining technology with non-traditional data – which can cover telco, rental, e-commerce, behavioural, and other data partnerships – to create new insights. These insights can then be used to enrich credit decisioning processes and provide a reliable risk assessment, allowing more people to get fairer access to credit.

How Experian can help

  • We help lenders provide credit to the underbanked, more profitably and at lower risk by leverage our leading risk management, analytics and data expertise.
  • We connect data partners, lenders and consumer portals to consumers.
  • This ecosystem approach generates an an ongoing value exchange for all partners with a wider lending universe.

Experian Solutions Powering

Digital Ecosystems

Experian PowerScore is a state-of-the-art credit scoring system that harnesses the power of ‘ready-to-use’ alternative data combined with multiple data sources such as telco data, consumer data, e-commerce, etc. and adaptive learning to offer a comprehensive score.

We build accurate, predictive models from non-traditional data to improve targeting, conversion and profitability. ​Experian PowerScore is at the heart of driving more financial access in the ecosystem with alternative data​.

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Organisations need optimised and agile systems to detect online fraud and protect their business. Our Identity and Fraud Solutions help to protect your business from fraudsters at each stage of the customer lifecycle while ensuring a frictionless customer experience. 

By adding eKYC capabilities to manage credit risk with data (available in specific markets) and fraud management solutions, you can improve customer acquisition at a lower cost.

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Experian's Digital Onboarding solution is a digital-first, end-to-end processing of applications. It provides a fully configurable, compliant and secure way for your customers to apply digitally (self-serve or assisted by agents) for your products and services with ease. 

It enables organisations to deliver a speedy onboarding customer experience by bringing together user-friendly interfaces, data, scores and best-in-class decisioning on a single integrated platform, thereby reducing transaction costs and improving customer satisfaction with tailored decisioning requirements. In addition, ease of implementation and time to market is significantly improved.

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