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Enhance your customer information with consumer data
for clearer decision making

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Enrich your customer understanding


In a crowded market, the best way to stand out is to know your customer. Communicating to them through their preferred channel, presenting relevant offers, knowing their interests and opinions and understanding their local area are all key to engagement.


Experian’s Data Enrichment can take your records from being simple entries in a CRM to being full pictures of your customers.

How it works

Data enhancement provides better insight into individuals at the point of interaction, allowing you to tailor messages, prioritise leads, personalise offers and improve engagement online, over-the-phone, and through marketing communications.


Experian’s Data Enrichment uses a consortium of data partners to enhance your customer information with socio-demographic, geo-spatial and psychographic attributes, helping your understand where they live, who they are and their interests, activities and opinions.


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How Experian can help

  • Secure data transfer and processing

  • Wide breadth of consumer attributes

  • Experian’s secure data and privacy standards

  • Support from an experienced consultant to explain the results and what they mean for your organisation

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