Database Cleansing & Matching

Clean and match your customer records and achieve a better customer view

Deliver a better quality of service by understanding your customer

Good quality data drives good quality customer service. Duplication of customer records is a problem common to every type of organisation, often resulting in poor customer service experiences, repeated communications and an inaccurate view of the relationship with a customer.


Whether you are running a single campaign or a CRM-wide data initiative, we can help.

How it works

Accurate and reliable duplicate record detection is difficult to implement and can produce unexpected or detrimental results. False positive matches can easily create negative customer experiences or damage your brand.


With Experian’s Data Cleansing Services, you can count on the best result possible, quickly and securely. Experian’s expert consultants evaluate how to maximise the uplift in your data, use best in class Experian cleansing tools and reference data and explain clearly what the results mean to your business. Experian’s secure data transfer and processing facilities provide peace of mind that your customers’ valuable data will be kept safe.


Experian’s matching and deduplication services make improving the quality of your customer service simple. Book your services today.

How Experian can help

  • Secure data transfer and processing

  • Duplicate record detection

  • Best practice rules

  • Support from an experienced consultant to explain the duplication results and what they mean for your organisation

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