Bridging the Credit Gap
for Consumers in Malaysia
With RinggitPlus

Asia is home to more than a billion individuals without access to formal financial services, creating a significant challenge for many consumers in the region, including Malaysia.

This has placed serious obstacles in the way of individuals applying for and being granted credit. Data submissions were tedious and sometimes manual, approval rates low and applications could take days.

To create a frictionless user journey and experience for consumers who need fair and quick access to financial products, Jirnexu, a fintech firm in Malaysia, turned to Experian as their data and analytics partner for RinggitPlus, a leading financial comparison website in Malaysia. RinggitPlus has recorded close to 400,000 first time users to the site, during the same period where 350,000 consumers in Malaysia were estimated to have successfully entered the formal lending environment for the first time, driving financial inclusion.

Find out more about how Experian enabled Jirnexu with our digital onboarding and decisioning solutions.


“Our strategic partnership with Experian allows us to powerfully combine data and technology, enabling our RinggitPlus users to easily apply and get approved for financial products.

Our average application approval rate for credit cards has since improved by 52% in the year 2019. In addition, end-to-end application approval can now be delivered in real-time, rather than days.”

Yuen Tuck Siew, Co-founder and CEO of Jirnexu

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