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Harnessing the power of ‘ready-to-use’ alternative data to enrich credit decisioning in enabling financial inclusion

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Improve customer satisfaction by providing better and fairer assessments of customer’s propensity to repay

Experian X Score bridges the gap of data availability from traditional credit bureaus by enabling financial institutions to credit score a wider base of applicants and grow their credit portfolio in an efficient and scalable manner.


In the absence of quantitative measures for banks and financial institutions to assess the credit worthiness of majority of the population, billions of people in emerging markets are left without access to institutional finance, presenting a huge gap and opportunity. With the percentage of adults that own a bank account in the Asia Pacific being between 46% to 54%, Experian X Score is at the heart of driving more financial access in the ecosystem with alternative data​.

What is Experian X Score?

Experian X Score is a state-of-the-art credit scoring system that harnesses the power of ‘ready-to-use’ alternative data combined with multiple data sources such as telco data, consumer data, e-commerce, etc. and adaptive learning to offer a comprehensive score.

The X Score Advantage

Scoring the 'unbankable' consumers

  • Reliably score consumers for whom traditional methods are ineffective. For example, new-to-bank.
  • Provides better credit access to millions of unbanked consumers.
  • Increases the acquisition of good prospect customers and strengthens the existing customer base.
  • Increase in revenue growth and profitability.

Value-add to traditional credit data

  • Reduction in number of good customers mistakenly rejected by supplementing traditional credit data.
  • Improved quality of predictive models and lending decisions with supplementary credit data.
  • Improved customer satisfaction by providing better and fairer assessment of customer’s propensity to repay.
  • Decrease in non-performing loans and bad rates.

Ease of Implementation

  • Fully-maintained scorecards with regular fine-tuning and monitoring.
  • Faster integration though single API.
  • Ad-hoc consulting support on score usage from our industry experts.

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